How to Give Via Mobile Device

  1. Create a new message to (863) 588-3774.

  2. Type the amount you would like to give.

  3. Then, type where you would like to designate your donation, you may designate it to the following areas: 

    1. Tithes ​

    2. Building Funds

    3. First Fruits, 

    4. Missions

    5. Offering

    6. Retreat

    7. Revival

    8. Pastors' Appreciation 

    9. Seed Offering 

    10. Trinity Believe Academy

    11. Other

  4. Send the message.

  5. You will receive a response message stating, "you are almost done." You will then receive a message saying "Tap." Tap the word "Tap" and you will be directed toward a page to enter your credit card information.  

  6. Select your donation to be one-time or recurring. 

  7. At the end, you will receive an email with your receipt.