Children's Ministry

Discover Island at TWCIM provides services/care for the youth partners and Christian Development youth between the ages of 3-12 years of age.  We will engage the mind, body and soul with biblical principles that builds a solid foundation for a life that will be devoted to God.  The vision of Discover Island at TWCIM is focused on the Great Commission.  We are called to fulfill: “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and of the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 218:19, 20 NIV)

Dance Ministry

Dance Ministry at TWCIM is to praise and worship the Lord through the God-given gift of dance. We wish to touch the lives of people in such a way to bring about "real" change, encouragement and/or conversion in their lives.

Destiny Care

Member Services at TWCIM seeks to empower each partner of Trinity to fulfill their God given destiny. It keeps each member connected to the church by informing them of programs, events and family services provided within the ministry.  The ministry also communicates the needs of the members/families to all applicable church leadership and relevant ministries that can fulfill their immediate needs.

Hospitality Ministry

Hospitality Ministry at TWCIM provides essential services for the physical/spiritual needs of each partner.  We provide services to our guests at TWCIM by serving the people of God with love, kindness and respect.  We form a relationship between our hosts and guests.  It is our purpose to be a crucial element of Christianity that greatly informs and empowers all members to continue providing quality services to the people of God.  We will love and serve others in and around the community by making a difference in their lives.  We also continuously strive to increase our new partner numbers.  The Hospitality Ministry is the last point of contact with the people of God prior to their departure from TWCIM and it is a part of our purpose to leave a positive last impression.

Intercessors Ministry

Intercessors at TWCIM seek to transform believers into effective Intercessors by partnering with God through prayer to bring redemption and change into the lives of people at home and around the world.  Intercessors' mission is to expand the Kingdom of God through teaching, equipping and training the body of Christ in Prayer and Prophecy.  Also, share prayer requests and encourage spiritual growth  in the personal prayer life of the TWCIM Partners. 

Pastors Personal Assistants

Personal Pastoral Assistant Ministry at TWCIM provides support for the ministry by being servants/assistants to the Senior Pastors and/or visiting Guest Pastors.  We provide physical and spiritual support to the Pastors and their families. The PPA’s will seek to use their personal gifts and technical skills for the benefit of the church by contributing to the Pastor's personal care and safety.

Marriage Ministry

Marriage Ministry at TWCIM is to help couples thrive in their marriage by providing empowering educational tools to enable each couple to nourish and cherish each other in a healthy marriage relationship. We aim to assist couples in every stage of relational development to create a radiant marriage that thrives on commitment, intimacy and growth. The Marriage Ministry strives to help couples grow closer to Christ and closer to each other and to shine and soar to the Glory of God.

Media Ministry

Media/Graphics Ministry at TWCIM provides support for the ministry and encourages the graphics team members to seek God for new and unique creative ideas.  Recruit members that are skilled in various media types and software and who are also interested in taking their creativity to higher levels within the ministry.  Create training modules to teach interested members that would like to learn various software.  Research marketing ideas to aide TWCIM’s implementation of new methods of presentation/distribution.

Men's Ministry

Men’s Ministry at TWCIM is focused on empowering and encouraging men to fulfill the plan of God for their lives. To be the priest of their homes; to love and care for their families (or families to-be). To connect men so they strengthen one another on their journey so that we build the Kingdom, one man at a time through fellowship, discipleship, relationship, and leadership. 

Missions Ministry

Missions Ministry at TWCIM serves to support missionaries through financial support, through prayer, short-term mission trips (such as medical teams) and support projects whose main goal is to show the love of Jesus both in word and in action locally and throughout the world.

Music Ministry

Music Ministry at TWCIM is to act as a vehicle to usher in the presence of God. It is to set and establish an atmosphere that is conducive to worship, enabling (a) the presence of God to move freely among the congregation and (b) each person in the congregation to experience Christ on a personal level. The music ministry should serve as an enhancement to the worship service (Not distraction), preparing the people for the delivery of the Word of God. It is not an end in itself, but neither is it a means of filling gaps in the worship experience. The music ministry should not be used as a piece of scenic background, but rather as an active, participatory, and integral part of the worship service.

Outreach Ministry

Outreach Ministry at TWCIM provides assistance/outreach – food, clothing, healthcare information, educational information, employment information, etc. to all of the partners of TWCIM, visitors, and the surrounding communities in the area. We are vessels for Christ who are on a mission to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, save the sin sick through evangelism and love.  We continuously strive to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to every man, woman, boy and girl.  We are committed to representing Christ to all we encounter.  We strive to be a beacon of hope and light to our families, communities and the nations (Mark 16:15).

Singles Ministry

Singles Ministry at TWCIM is to continue to live a life of purity until God unites us as one with a mate that he ordains for our lives. It is our mission to glorify God in all we do; to create and maintain a loving community of individuals in an effort to develop spiritual growth through prayer, worship, fellowship bible study, social events, and evangelism.
Our purpose is to divert the desires of the flesh and help others that may struggle with the same issue.
It is our goal to encourage, uplift, and provide guidance that we as Christians should be lead by the spirit and not by the flesh; to overcome one of the greatest challenges - temptation.

Women With A Pupose 

W.W.A.P. at TWCIM provides support for the ministry and seeks to edify, unite and teach the women of God how to reach and fulfill their potential and find their purpose in Christ.  The Women’s Ministry provides support for all women of Trinity and the surrounding communities.  It is the vision of W.W.A.P. to Transform, Revitalize, Empower and Educate the women of God on how to recognize their gifts and walk in the divine favor of God on purpose. The Bible declares that a tree is known by the fruit that it bears.

Transformed Youth Ministry

Transformed Youth Ministries at TWCIM provides services/care for the youth partners – ministry, dance team, etc.  To activate the faith of youth to live out an empowered life in Christ by transforming their mind, heart and spirit through the enrichment of biblical teaching and mentoring.