Trinity Believe Academy







Our Mission


Trinity Believe Academy will create an atmosphere that is fun, structured, nurturing and engaging thus preparing the foundation for excellence at an early age.  We are dedicated  to the mental, physical and social development of  all children. 


Our preschool program provides a structured, nurturing environment where all children are free to learn.  Our preschoolers will be challenged in the areas of language  and phonics. Language development and social skills are areas that are learned and enhanced throughout the school year. 


Phonics is a very significant area of learning that gives our children a great foundation in reading. Our approach includes a balance of child-initiated and teacher-directed activities each day.



Our Vision


Is to educate students to fulfill their purpose in Christ and achieve their fullest potential. We believe the overall mission of TBA is to partner with families and place great emphasis on building a healthy self-image and developing a Christian character in each child. 



Our Curriculum


We believe that it is during the early years of a child's schooling that attitudes toward God, obedience, patterns of thought, and many other character qualities and elements of a child's makeup are being formed. The teaching of Biblical principles and the training of children during these early years includes bible stories, verses, songs and prayers in our everyday activities.  Our curriculum of choice supports these beliefs. Pinnacle and ABEKA  curriculum along with other appropriate references will help us to meet our goals and the needs of each student and encourages the development of mature, productive and effective Christian adults in our community.  








Trinity Believe Academy (TBA) is a ministry of Trinity Worship Center International Ministries Inc.  TBA  provides a fun, child friendly, positive environment for your child. We offer affordable, safe, quality childcare in a loving Christian environment for children ages 1 year through 4 years old. Prayerfully consider  TBA to partner with you in training your most prized possession.